Gaia  is a UK based foundation that is passionate about regenerating cultural and biological diversity, and restoring a respectful relationship with the Earth.

Together with long-term partners in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe, The Gaia Foundation has been working with local communities to secure land, seed, food and water sovereignty for almost 30 years. Gaia believes that by reviving indigenous knowledge and related practices, and by protecting Sacred Natural Sites, local self-governance is strengthened. This enables communities to become more resilient to climate change and the threats posed by the industrial system, most notably the rapid rate of expansion of the extractive industries. Recent international campaigns led by The Gaia Foundation in collaboration with global partners include Seeds of Freedom, a series of films highlighting the grave impact of industrial agriculture and genetically modified seed on biodiversity and the world’s small farmers; and Wake Up Call, an animation and series of reports which raise the alarm against the extractive industries.

For more information about the Gaia Foundation, please visit their website